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A screwdriver walks into a bar.
The bartender remarks, "Hey we have a drink named after you."
The screwdriver replies, "You have a drink named "Phillip?"
My New Year's resolution is to be more optimistic by keeping my glass half-full with either rum, vodka, or whiskey.
Potatoes make french fries, chips and vodka. It's like the other vegetables are not even trying.
Tell us, what forces you to drink vodka every day?
The best tool to fix your morning with?
Vodka may not be the answer, but it’s worth a shot.
What do carpenters like to order at the bar?
What do you call a bottle of Vodka which is shared by a group of Russian coworkers?
What happened when the bartender spilled the vodka?
What's pink and stiff?
What’s the best vodka to order if you’re in a hurry?
Why did the alcoholic keep switching between vodka and gin?
Why do you never leave a bottle of Vodka around someone from Finland?
Why is imported Vodka so clear?

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