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A strawberry growing friend’s fruit and vegetable business has gone into liquidation. They make smoothies.
Could you help me find my missing root vegetables?
How did the vegetables cheer on the gardener at the county fair?
How do you know the Japanese mass murderer was a chef?
I pick fresh vegetables every day. I feed them to my pig and he converts them into bacon.
So what’s it gonna take, to get you to “turnip” to my place?
What did the fruit say to the vegetable?
What did the Vegetables say at the rave?
What did the vegetables say to the Sandwich?
What do vegetables wish for, more than anything else in the whole world?
What do you call a vegetable that fights a lot?
What do you call chickpeas cooked in a waffle iron?
What do you do if you loose your root vegetables?
What do you get when you put the right amount of meat and vegetables on a scale?
What does a vegetable wear to the beach?

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