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A ham sandwich walks into a bar and the bartender yells out, "Hey! We don't serve ham sandwiches here." To which the ham sandwich replies, "That's okay, I just wanted a drink."
Did you hear about Pepsi’s new soda just for blondes?
I have 6 bottles in one hand and 5 bottles In the other. what do i have?
Like a bear drinking honey from a bee hive, I’m getting really buzzed.
Some people say I drink like a fish, but I just tuna them out.
What day should you drink water?
What do you call two male avocados who hang out and drink together?
What do you drink if you're thirsty in dance class?
What does a cheese like to drink after a long day?
What does a ghost drink?
What is a boxer’s favorite drink?
What should you order if you just want a small drink?
Where did the taco go for drinks?
Where do intergalactic coconuts grab a drink?
Why did my Mum say when she drank MY strawberry shake?

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