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A blond walked into a bar and said to the bartender,
“A glass of your finest Less, please!”
“Less?” the bartender said. What is it, some kind of foreign beer?
“I’m not sure,” the blonde replied.
“My doctor told me about it. He said I should drink Less.
A blonde orders a pizza and the clerk asked if he should cut it into six, eight or twelve pieces.
The blonde replies "Six please. I could never eat twelve".
A blonde to her doctor: "I swallowed an ice cube a few days ago but it hasn't come out yet."
A blonde waitress brought a customer’s order to the table with her thumb over his steak. The customer said, “Are you crazy, you have your thumb on my steak.” The waitress responds, “What, you want it to fall on the floor again?”
A Blonde went for a pizza. The chef said would you like it cut into 4 slices or 8? Blonde said 4 please.
There is no way I could possibly eat 8 slices.
A helpful waiter said to the blonde customer, “Now with that entree, either a white wine or a light red would be appropriate. What may I serve you?”
The blonde responded, “It doesn’t matter, I’m color blind.”
A woman ordered a hot chocolate at a restaurant and the blonde waitress brought her a Hershey bar and a match.
Did you hear about Pepsi’s new soda just for blondes?
How do you know when a blonde has been making chocolate chip cookies?
My blond wife said she was a gourmet chef, I asked her to make ceviche.
She burned it.
What did the blonde say after glimpsing a box of Cheerios?
What did the blonde say when some guy at the bar asked her if she liked cocktails?
Where do blondes go to meet their relatives?
Why are blondes like corn flakes?
Why can't blondes make ice cubes?

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