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A papa mole, a mama mole, and a baby mole all live together in a little mole hole.

One day, papa mole sticks his head out of the hole, sniffs the air, and says, “Yummy, I smell maple syrup.”

The mama mole sticks her head out of the hole, snifl’s the air, and says, “Oh yummy, I smell honey.”

Now baby mole is trying to stick his head out of the hole to sniff the air, but can’t because the bigger moles are in the way.

This makes him whine, “Geez, all I can smell is moleasses.”
Blood is thicker than water, but maple syrup is thicker than blood. Therefore, pancakes are more important than family.
Did you hear about the maple syrup company that went out of business?
Did you see the new movie about maple syrup?
I pour maple syrup over my essays. Because they're 100% waffle.
Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Mabel who?
Mabel syrup is lovely on puddings!
Someone bought maple syrup for me. I thought it was pretty sappy.
Wanna hear something really corny?
What did the beaver say to the maple tree?
What did the Maple syrup farmer say when he saw a good looking maple tree?
What do people in London call maple syrup?
What do you call it when you put syrup in the washing machine?
What do you call the syrup with a speech impediment?
What does the pope put on his pancakes?
Why is maple syrup always so sad?

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