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Did you hear about the Brit who had developed a pastry addiction?
How do you call a pastry chef who came up with a new recipe for a cake?
How many pastry chefs does it take to make a pie?
I don't think a vegetarian pastry chef would survive, they couldn't go more than a day or so without bacon.
What did the pastry chef say to his boss to get a raise?
What did the pastry chef say to his unsupportive father?
What do pastry chefs like to watch on HBO?
What do you call a deep thinking pastry chef?
What do you call a fish that only eats pastry?
What do you call a pastry made from a potato?
What do you call a pastry made out of needles?
What do you call a yeasted jam pastry passed through a sausage maker?
What do you call an angry pastry?
What was the musician’s favorite pastry?
What's the best thing to put into a pastry?

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