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Funny crepe jokes

Here you will find great collection of corny, tasty and funny crepe jokes for all foodies, food lovers and anyone else who likes crepes. This funny collection of friendly and delicious jokes, riddles and puns about crepe are clean and safe for everyone. Share these crepe jokes and other food jokes with your friends so you can laugh out loud togheter!

Did you know Pancake Day is today?
I went to a haunted bed and breakfast in France. That place was giving me the crêpes...
My mom always makes the pancakes too thin...I shouldn't have to put up with this crepe.
What did the priest think while choking on a pancake?
What do pancakes do when they are scared?
What do you call a person who randomly steals French pancakes?
What does a French baker say when they made a mistake?
What is the most popular Nirvana song in France?
Why am I scared of french pastry chefs?
Why did the French chef quit working at the haunted restaurant?
Why did the man dress up as a thin pancake for Halloween?
Why did the pastry store stop selling superhero costumes?
Why was the French chef sent to prison?

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