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- Waiter! Whats wrong with the eggs in this breakfast taco?
- I don’t know sir, I only laid the table.
Chuck Norris can unscramble eggs.
Do you know why do French people usually have only one egg for their breakfast?
Ham and eggs - A day’s work for a chicken, a lifetime commitment for a pig.
How do ghosts like their eggs?
How do you make an egg roll?
What day do eggs hate the most?
What did the bacon say to the egg in the frying pan?
What did the egg say to the farmer?
What did the flour say to the milk and eggs?
What do you get when a pig and a chicken bump into each other?
What do you get when you cross a chicken and an earthquake?
What do you get when you cross a wolf and an egg?
What do you get when you put an egg in the ground?
What does Satan have for breakfast?

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